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Mission Statement

It is our goal to bring the Forest Products Industry services with high standards of integrity to assist them with an easy convenient way to stay connected to machinery for sale, to offer a means to sell machinery and offer appraisal services that will allow your company to remain diversified and competitive in today’s global wood products market.

Keeping the Standard set High

If you need knowledge about values relating to forest product machinery and equipment you are visiting the right place. These facilities may include logging and harvesting operations, sawmill and dry kiln facilities as well as hardwood, laminate and engineered flooring facilities.

Kittrell Appraisals are conducted uniform standards of professional appraisal practice or also known as USPAP to produce a certified appraisal that meets federal guidelines. The past 23 years were partially spent working shoulder to shoulder with my father and learning the relationships of the lumber business that are vital to procuring raw materials, manufacturing, and marketing. All these factors should be considered in determining the true value of the asset to be appraised.

Lending institutions generally request an orderly liquidation value along with Fair Market Value as defined by the US Treasury. Insurance underwriters look for replacement costs along with sound or actual cash value. Perhaps you are looking to invest in the lumber business or wish to sell your business to someone who does. Then a business evaluation is a must. I use AICPA standards in conducting business evaluation appraisals.

Perhaps you need a consultation to determine your needs. I have assisted clients with product liability cases, eminent domain proceedings and marketing consultations as well.

I appreciate your time and invite you to give me a call to discuss your specific needs: 931-698-3342.

Our History

Kittrell Appraisals Has Set The Standard

Kittrell has been appraising sawmills and wood products equipment since 1956. Jacqueline Kittrell continues to maintain respect by leading financial institutions, insurance companies and the government in appraising sawmills and wood products companies. Markets and relationships belong to the lumber industry worldwide; experience and knowledge of the sawmill machinery and equipment appraisal process is the key to obtaining an appraisal valuation in which your company or bank can make solid business decisions with confidence.

Principals Of The Company: History

George Kittrell began working in the forest products industry in 1956 selling new and used sawmill machinery for Corley Manufacturing Company. George Kittrell has set the standard for appraising and marketing forest product machinery for over 57 years. His auction company quickly became the most successful and renowned on the East Coast. Jacqueline is now carrying on the connections to lumber and sawmill operators.

Kittrell Appraisals Keeps Moving the Bar

George and Jacqueline conducted the first ball room setting, off-site auction sale in the forest industry. They were the first to set the standard with this type of auction. When others said it could not be done they were doing it with sales bringing 113% to 125% over appraised value. Now, George Kittrell is a Senior Certified Appraiser and was a member Organization of Real Estate Appraisers before his retirement in 2003. Since that time he has been an invaluable consultant.

Keeping Tradition Alive

Jacqueline Kittrell started as a child assisting with simple tasks at auction sales. With a degree in Business Administration, and specializing in marketing and accounting, Jacqueline decided that appraisals and marketing consultation would be her area of focus. She attended the Certified Appraiser’s Guild of America USPAP Certification School. Jacqueline as attended Lumber grading school which teaches grades and species of lumber as it relates to markets. In 1991 George invited Jacqueline to join his efforts in marketing and appraising companies in the forest products industry.


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